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  • A sheet sander is a machine used for polishing and removing materials such as metal, wood, and other surfaces. It typically works by rotating sandpaper or grinding discs to level the surface and achieve the desired smoothness or roughness.


  • ​An electrician's hammer, also known as a lineman's hammer, is a specialized tool primarily used by electricians and lineworkers for various tasks related to electrical installation and maintenance. It typically features a flat head on one end and a tapered spike or claw on the other.


  • When using an angle grinder, the correct methods and precautions are as follows:


  • An electric circular saw is a mechanical tool driven by an electric motor. It can cut objects into a certain shape or size to achieve the effect of completing the processing target.


  • Stone cutting machine is a mechanical equipment commonly used for cutting stone. It usually consists of components such as an electric motor, cutting disc, and base. The cutting disc is typically made of materials such as steel, diamond, and others, and different cutting discs can be selected based on different requirements.


  • A paint and mortar mixer is a very useful tool that can improve the effectiveness and quality of painting. However, it is important to use the tool properly and safely to ensure the quality of the mixture and the normal operation of the machine. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using a mixer


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