Product Application

① Mechanical processing industry and mining enterprises: drilling, tapping, sawing, rust removal, polishing, bolt and nut fastening, etc.

② Construction industry: Rebar cutting, grinding, rock drilling, etc.

③ Real estate decoration industry: cutting, grooving, drilling, wall chiseling, ground excavation, etc.

④ Tea picking and forestry: logging, material making, branch cutting.

⑤ Wood processing: sawing, planing, mortising, sanding, etc.

Our Product

1. Cutting machines
Multifunctional cutting machine
Stone cutting machine
Woodworking dust-free (high precision) cutting machine
Woodworking cutting machine
Metal profile cutting machine
2. Grooving machine
Permanent magnet brushless grooving machine
3. Electric circular saw (7-inch, 9-inch) 4. Trimming machine
5. Dust-free tile chamfering machine motor 6. Angle grinder 7. Multi-function saw 8. Multi-function treasure
9. Dust collection cutting saw 10. Mixer 11. Electric drill 12. Grinder
13. Electric hammer
26 Electric hammer dual function
26 Electric hammer single function
28 Electric hammer dual function
28 Electric hammer single function
14. Stirring drill 15. Brushless lithium electric wrench 16. Aluminum saw
17. Curved saw 18. Electric planer 19. Sanding machine 20. Electric pick

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